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This is the most powerful, safe, and innovative sanitizer your pool will ever have the opportunity to meet.

With CampPool’s 12% Liquid Chlorine, cleaning care is not limited to just pools! This high-concentration liquid chlorine does not produce harmful health residues like granules, making it a total efficiency alternative for your health. It is easy to apply and is sold in 5-liter packages.

In addition to being easy to dissolve and handle, it is safe and friendly to your wallet!

Families and pool cleaners can find it in the best pool product stores in Brazil.

Due to its concentrated formula, it is great for small pools.

Removes the most stubborn grease and dirt.

Eliminates and fights bacteria.

Used for water treatment.

Eliminates mold and mildew in seconds.

Higher yield and easy application.

Por ter uma fórmula concentrada é ótimo para piscina pequenas

Elimina e combate as bactérias

Remove as gorduras e sujeiras mais resistentes

Utilizado para tratamento de água

Elimina mofos e bolores em segundos

Maior rendimento e fácil aplicação

Dicas de uso

First, measure the amount of chlorine in your pool with a test strip. The ideal level is between 1ppm and 3ppm. Oh! And don’t forget to always have the CampPool floculator with you for a total cleaning 😉

Add the amount indicated on the label for the size of your pool and set the pump switch to filter for 3 hours.

Remeasure the chlorine levels with the strip. If necessary, add product until the desired level is reached.

Download the complete information sheet

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Present in the best pool stores, the Liquid Chlorine 12% line can be easily found in our partners throughout the state of São Paulo.

Main questions

Liquid chlorine is composed of sodium hypochlorite, and granular chlorine by calcium hypochlorite. However, the most evident difference between them is their appearance. However, in their specifics, liquid chlorine is much more practical to apply and its cost is more attractive.

Liquid chlorine should only be applied with a mask, gloves, and safety goggles. Before applying, you need to vacuum and clean everything possible from the pool. Then, it is necessary to measure the alkalinity and pH of the water, and adjust if necessary. After that, just add the product according to the instructions on the packaging.

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