The best friend of the pool and fun

With CampPool you’ll find the best pool cleaning products in an innovative and sustainable way

A pioneer brand in convenience and innovation!

CampPool is a Brazilian wholesale brand founded by CampQuímica, a pioneer in the chemical market with over 10 years of experience.

Our mission is to provide innovative pool cleaning products with excellent quality, and with a close relationship with the environment. We are present in the best pool stores, so CampPool can be easily found at our partners throughout Brazil.

With us, you will find everything you need to have for the best care of your pool and your family.

The only one that transforms with quality

10 years of

Present in the best pool treatment stores.

Our products are available nationwide

Specialized manufacturing

Free of

Great performance and fair price

More than 150,000 clean pools

A única que transforma com qualidade

10 anos de
Presente nas melhores lojas de tratamento de piscinas
Distribuímos para todo o Brasil
Fabricação especializada
Livre de
Grande rendimento e preço justo
Mais de 150 mil piscinas limpas

CampPool products, a trust with eyes closed.

Having a clean and healthy pool has never been easier. With our products, you only have one mission: shave fun!

Check out this before and after. With CampPool, you can have a sparkling clean pool in as little as 4 hours. Life is too short to settle for anything less. Order CampPool today.

Innovation in pool cleaning

A complete line of pool treatment products designed for convenience, comfort, and safety for your family. CampPool offers smart solutions, is environmentally friendly, and its products are free of harmful chemicals.

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