Cleaning has never been so easy and practical!

Get a clean pool in a few hours and without headaches?

Only with Peroxy50.

With Peroxy50, the pool cleaning process has become much easier and more innovative. Enjoy crystal-clear water in a few hours!

It has a high concentration of hydrogen peroxide, a chemical compound with the same formula as water, only with one more oxygen atom (H2O2). It is fully developed for pool cleaning, so you will have a brand new pool without harming the environment. It is a product indicated for chlorine allergy sufferers and is sold in 5-liter containers.

Treats ETE and
ETA pools.

Removes algae, mold, and mildew.

Removes stains from fabrics, making it a great substitute for chlorine.

Cleans, disinfects, and deodorizes in a single application.

Does not generate carcinogenic residues.

Does not cause
eye irritation.

Cleans tiles, grout, and pool edges.

Multi-purpose oxidizer with maximum action.

Usage tips

Before applying the product, adjust the pH between 7.2 and 7.8 and the water’s alkalinity. Correct any irregularities. In fact, we have a complete line for pool maintenance

Turn the pump switch to the recirculation position and then apply the product (1L of PEROXY50 for every 10,000L of water). It is recommended to use the pool 3 to 4 hours after application.

The recommended ratio is generally 1L of Peroxy50 for every 10,000L of water. It is recommended to use the pool only after 4 hours of product application.

Important TIPs

The chlorine level should be zero, otherwise the product will not work properly.

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We have a pH raiser, pH reducer, clarifier, flocculant and decanter in one product!

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Present in the best swimming pool stores, the Peroxy50 line can be easily found at our partners across Brazil.


Hydrogen peroxide has a rapid and unmatched effect in eliminating the dark tint of pools with metal-rich water, eliminating natural organic matter, oils, and nitrogenous compounds.

In short, there are no contraindications as long as the product is applied in the recommended proportions. It does not harm bathers.

However, there should be greater caution in the process before use due to its high concentration. It should always be handled by adults and with protective equipment such as gloves and glasses.

Hydrogen peroxide has a higher oxidation power than chlorine, so it will consume its residual and the pool will be subject to adverse chemical reactions, such as green coloration.

The great advantage of Peroxy50 over chlorine is its higher oxidation power, cleaning faster and in an amazing way, besides not generating carcinogenic residues like chlorine.

The recommended ratio is generally 1L of Peroxy50 for 10,000L of water. It is recommended to use the pool only after 4 hours of applying the product.

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